Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fast Sunday

Had a beautiful service at church today. I beared my testimony about the truthfulness of the gospel and my wonderful experience at the San Diego Temple.. Next Sunday we'll be in our new chapel will take pics of it and if i can figure out how to put pics on ,i'll send some picsI felt the spirit very strong today.I was supposed to teach the young women today. But we had a stake visitor who was suppose to be here last week and she couldn't make it so we had our 5th Sunday today.. I also got a blessing from bro's Mcdonald and Flackel . I've been having a lot of trouble with my back and my legs.. I'm sure it will help as I have faith and if it be the LORDS will.. love to all of you grams

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Families Are Forever

My name is Florence Starry.. Iam the mother of 9 children. One who is deceased.I have many grand children,and great grand children.. we are scattered from NY to Calif.I love my family and enjoy visiting them. I keep busy in my Church which I dearly love.. I teach and am !st counselor in the Young womens group.I belong to the church of Jesus Christ Of Latterday Saints. ( Also known as Mormon) I have a strong testimony of my church.. I was born in Milford Utah in 1930..grew up there and moved to calif in 1953, from there i moved to oklahoma where I now live..I love the country and the mountains and the forests. and the lakes...hope I haven't bored YA"LL..Flo